Made from 100% recycled, post-consumer Glass

Superior Pool Filter Media

VITRO-CLEAR™ Crushed Glass filter media is manufactured using 100% recycled post-consumer glass and is a direct replacement for silica sand.

VITRO-CLEAR™ is the most cost effective way to replace and upgrade your existing sand filter system. It lowers your consumption of chlorine, exposing your swimmers to fewer irrtating chemicals.

For use in water parks, swimming pools and aquariums.

Made in Canada.

The Best Choice

Best For Clarity

  • Provides a marked improvement over silica sand.
  • Eliminates caving and tunnelling.

Extends Filter Life

  • Less frequent and shorter backwash times
  • Longer life expectancy than sand

Superior Flitration

  • Filters to a finer particle size than sand
  • No colour ions in particles

Time Tested

  • Glass filtration media is time tested and gaining popularity over sand.

Vitro-clear application rates

Sand Replacement:

40 lbs. of Vitro-Clear replaces 50 lbs. of sand. Determine the amount of Vitro-Clear you need by multiplying the amount of sand by 0.80.

Quantity of Vitro-Clear in a sand filter:

Pea gravel is recommended for all filters using than 200 lbs. of sand. Use enough pea gravel to cover filter laterals. For example:

  • 300 lbs. filter requires 250 lbs. Vitro-Clear with pea gravel
  • 500 lbs. filter requires 400 lbs. Vitro-Clear with pea gravel

(Amounts are rounded for convenience)

Filling Sand Filters with Vitro-Clear:

1. Determine the amount of media required for your filter based on the replacement ratios.

2. Empty filter and make any needed repairs. Check that the laterals in filter are in good condition.

3. Fill filter half-way with water.

4. Slowly pour pea gravel into filter to cover laterals. Add Vitro-Clear on top of pea gravel base.

5. Close filter and backwash until water is clear.

Frequency of Replacement:

Vitro-Clear lasts up to 50% longer than sand. Generally 7 to 10 years.

Available at leading pool supply stores.

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